About Splendid Recipes and More

Welcome to Splendid Recipes and More (SPM) – This website was created with you in mind.

It exists so as to offer you some healthy and nutritional recipe suggestions – Recipes with regards to taste, your health, and feeling good while you are eating.

In case you were wondering, the “More” in our website title, it’s all about “Food Related Topics and Reviews.”

This section is filled with ideas and tips about how to cook or bake certain foods, and how to use cooking or baking utensils.

And the “More” also includes a section on health and nutrition.

It is our hope and desire that you find recipes, plus health and nutrition information here, that will help you to make changes in your diet to support the very best in good health and ensure a long and healthy life.

Modern day convenience and factory engineered food has brought with it a profound change in the food choices many people make today.

For a very long time now, processed foods and junk foods have been the norm for many people’s diets, which brings with it poor nutrition, lack of energy, ill health and chronic disease.

Healthy eating is one of the most important choices we can make for the health of our body and mind.

Food is not only the body’s primary source of energy and fuel, it is also its only source of nutrients that are vital to maintaining a healthy body, and helping it to function at its best.

Here at SPM it is our hope that our take on the recipes we offer will make many Happy Bellies and healthy bellies at that.

Again, welcome and enjoy your journey inside our website 👍🏼🤓

Thanks for stopping by and all the best,


(This page was updated September 28, 2020 – Original posted February 12, 2014)

Start your journey to delicious and healthy recipes here:

Our Recipes

Recipes Using Organic Foods

Food Related Topics and Reviews

Do you grow and eat your own microgreens? Check it out here:
Microgreens Another Source Of Great Nutrition

25 thoughts on “About Splendid Recipes and More

  1. Randy, I always love reading your blog and find things I’d love to try. I came across your ebooks and downloaded for myself and to share with parents and professionals because the information is spot on. I think I found a mistake you can fix, one book link gives you a different book.

    The link to this…
    Nutrition and Your Health…Tips to Eat Well and Live Healthy
    Downloads this…
    Nutrition for Kids…Essential Nutrients for Children All Parents Should Know

    These ebooks are great, thank you for putting this out there for families. 🙂 ❤

    • Thanks Jackie for letting me know. I appreciate so much your interest in both of my websites. I am glad you have found the ebooks to be helpful and for sharing them with others!! 🙂

      Thank you again and have a great Sunday!


  2. Looking for ways to enlighten my son palate and teach him how to explore and try new foods. He’s uninterested in sauces and seasoning and basically eat crunchy, bland foods. How can I encourage him to step outside the box? I’m ready to eat something new 😩😉☺️

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