What Apple to Use


An apple a day to keep the doctor away, as they say.

But there also is an apple that has a specific use, such as

  1. Baking your favorite pie or pastry
  2. An apple for making sauces, such as apple sauce
  3. Even an apple for fresh eating

Best apples to Use

When the recipe calls for peeling the apple, don’t through the peels away.

To make apple sauce you will use either water or bottled apple juice to cook the sliced apples in. Why not boil the apple peels first then add the apple slices.

If making an apple cake you can process the peels down to pulp and add them to the cake batter. Not only will you have your delicious apple cake but some added fiber as well.

You can also just eat the peels. As most of the nutrients are in the apple peel and the flesh that lye just under the peel.

What peels you don’t use, just toss them out in your mulch bin so they can be added back to the earth and add nutrients to your garden.

Enjoy our recipe here at Splendid Recipes: Baked Apples Apple Pie

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