What We Do When We’er Not In The Kitchen

Cooking on the Stove

On our About page of Splendid Recipes and More it explains saying, “We offer recipes with regards to taste, your health, and feeling good while eating. The “More” in our web-site title is all about what we offer besides delectable recipes.”

If you are a regular reading of our site, you know all about the extras we have posted about besides food recipes. We’ve even had a few blog guests.

We who love and enjoy to cook and bake in the kitchen do so because we want to make others happy, and it is a stress reliever, oh and not to forget, eating is a lot of fun.

But do we have other interests besides cooking and baking? Some of you who read this blog are writers, you collect and write about news topics or short stories and the such. Some of you even write poems, or just take photo shots and post about them.

But I guess I can say that we all have other interests. Those of us here at Splendid Recipes and More have several interests, including a hobby outside the kitchen, and as a matter of fact, outside in my back yard.

View the video to find out. Let us know as well as others, what your interests are outside the kitchen, by leaving your comments below!! Please enjoy the video!!

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7 thoughts on “What We Do When We’er Not In The Kitchen

    • Thanks, their nice to have around!!

      Makes you feel good knowing your are providing a place for the small creatures to habitat and survive.

      Thanks for your comment and stopping by.


  1. Randy, daffodils are my favorite flowers. 🙂 The butterflies are very beautiful. I love the goldfish pond. Now we know, Randy, how you work off all those calories! ❤ The video was beautifully composed.

    • Thanks Jackie, I appreciate that. Yes daffodils are pretty flowers, though Tulips are my favorite Spring Flower.

      My garden has always been a stress reliever for me as well.

      Thanks for the kind words Jackie, and for stopping by. Have a great weekend. 🙂


  2. Lovely…
    What a nice variety of beauty!
    I basically stay outta’ the kitchen as much as possible – unless it’s time to eat.
    However – I do make may way in for occasional baking of sweet treats! 🙂

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