Be Health Wise Don’t Skip Breakfast

Be Health Wise Don't Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not a wise choice if you want to maintain a healthy body and healthy weight.

It is reported that if you skip breakfast you are 55% more likely to drink carbonated drinks, 40% more likely to eat candy, such as milk chocolate, and 45% less likely to eat vegetables, and 30 % less likely to eat fruits.

When you skip breakfast, you are creating a chain reaction within your body:

  1. You slow down your metabolism
  2. Fat is stored longer in your body
  3. Higher tendency to overeat at your next meal
  4. Gain weight a lot easier and your LDL cholesterol rises

Eating breakfast every morning or at the start of your day you can also:

  1. Give Yourself an Energy Boost to Start the Day
  2. Sharper Focus
  3. Reduces Moring Crankiness
  4. Metabolism Boost
  5. Lose or Maintain a Healthy Weight
  6. Prevents Unhealthy Habits

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Here’s a great breakfast to try this morning and if not tomorrow morning than:

Egg and Sauteed Vegetable Breakfast

1 large egg

1 small orange sweet pepper

3 snow peas

3 Brussels sprouts

2 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon water

Be Health Wise Don't Skip Breakfast

Chop all of the vegetables, and set aside. Next warm on medium heat a small coated ceramic pan (or pan of your choice). Add butter, allow to melt. Next add vegetables, and wait 30 seconds. Break egg over vegetables, add the water and place a lid over the pan. Let cook 1 minute, and 1 minute only.


Plate and serve.

Be health wise and enjoy the goodness of breakfast.



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9 thoughts on “Be Health Wise Don’t Skip Breakfast

  1. I try very, very hard not to skip breakfast but I do. True, I find it hard to eat in the mornings but things like fruit and yogurt aren’t a problem so I should try. I know it’s not doing me any favours.

    • Yes you need breakfast everyday. I recommend it be more than just yogurt and fruit.

      I always make oats with half n half and blueberries and pecans. Or the breakfast you see in this post.

      Also it had been established, that if you want to make a new habit, you have to do it strait for 21 days and then it becomes a regular habit without thinking about it. Give it try, see what happens.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.


  2. It is great that you take this up because many people don’t realize this. Hopefully people will heed your information before their health is affected. You could spare them learning the hard way. I think it is eating at the same times consistantly every day is very important as well.

  3. I’m unable to begin the day without breakfast. In fact, I have two breakfasts before I’m even out the door. Great post! 🙂

    • Will as long as your active, as i see you are, it won’t go to stored fat in go body.

      Hey thanks Roger for stopping by and I always enjoy your comments.

      Have a great weekend!!


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