Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious Diet


Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Believe it or not, there are still people who have heard about eating a healthy diet, but are undecided about going down that path.

Learning to eat healthy and understand proper nutrition, living a healthier lifestyle may seem difficult, but it really isn’t.

A little knowledge is all it takes to get started on the path to good health.

A healthy diet is essential for sustaining the healthy body function. Eating the right foods for all day energy and vitality, and a healthy diet for living a minimal disease-free life.

Breaking unhealthy habits is difficult, but not an impossible task. The place to start is reading for yourself the benefits of eating healthy foods and getting daily exercise. One place to start, is the Health News Library (we are partial to that site, as we are the author of the web-site).

Logo Health News LibraryThe concept of the Health News Library is focused on alternative health needs. The information posted is on health concerns, solutions, useful ideas, and up to date approaches to improve one’s health, and demonstrates how food correlates to the well-being of the person.

When a person begins to understand what healthy eating is all about, the next step after the person begins a healthy eating plan is to rid the kitchen of any unhealthy bad foods.

What are bad foods? Any food that has been processed, this includes, cookies, potato chips and any beverage with the word “soda” in it. Processed, packaged foods typically have little to no nutrition, and therefore do not meet the nutritional needs of the body.

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods - Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious DietKeeping junk food and drinks out of your kitchen can help to prevent temptation. Instead, stock your kitchen with healthy snacks, such as, carrot, fruit, cheese, yogurt, and various 100% whole wheat products.

Simple nutritional snacks like almond butter and an apple. Some minimally processed package foods are an okay option like these Boulder Canyon Natural Foods, both of which are made with either 100% olive oil or 100% avocado oil.

Healthy Meals

Lean Meat and Vegetables - Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious DietWhat do healthy meals include? Lean proteins and vegetables. Eat fruit as a snack between meals.

Use Fruit as a Snack - Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious Diet







A healthy eating plan includes the recommended daily allowances from all the food groups. We won’t pretend that, that is easy to do, getting 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Just do your best.

Another step in learning to eat a more nutritious diet, is learning how the foods work in the body. It may not seem important to you, just so long as you feel satisfied when you east.

How food Works in the bodyIf you were aware how some foods work in the intestinal tract, and how some foods waist your bodies energy to digest and expel from the body, you’ll be more prone to make healthy choices at meal and snack times.

The energy that is wasted on junk foods consumed or food additives your body does not even recognize, would be energy otherwise spent to repair your body, build up your immune system or having that energy to do the things you enjoy, instead of being fatigued and tired.

Once you appreciate how specific nutrients work in the body, you can then start to slow down the premature aging process.

As they say, “Knowledge is power!”

Cook At Home

Control the ingredients that go into your food as well as the cooking method, and you have the control over your health.


Many people have very busy lives, and eating junk food and fast food on the go is typical. It’s important to plan ahead. Rather than grabbing a fast food lunch on the run, take a bagged lunch to work, possibly a tuna salad sandwich on 100% whole wheat or a fresh salad.

The weekend is a good time to plan for the week, and prep food that can be used easily throughout the week.

Plan ahead for healthy dinners as well, by cooking ahead of time and using the freezer to its fullest advantage. There are many healthy frozen meals you can make in quantity and freeze some for later. Examples are stuffed bell peppers, vegetable or meat lasagna, just to name a few.

Healthy Shopping - Healthy Shopping - Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious DietShop the Perimeter of the Supermarket

Did you know that the periphery of any supermarket or perimeter has all the healthy foods, while the inside aisles carry all the processed and unhealthy ones.

Think about it, the produce, bulk foods, fresh meats, and the dairy products are all on the periphery or perimeter. Next time you are at the market take a stroll and look around the perimeter to see what is there.

Are you ready to take the path to a healthy and nutritious diet?



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3 thoughts on “Taking the Path to a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

  1. I like this and I do try to eat healthy but there are so many things I cannot eat. I only recently stopped eating bananas because of sugar content – as it gets riper the sugar increases. I can’t eat oils or butter and margarine. If I even think about eating meat it grosses me out. I do eat tons of beans and vegetables. The fruit I can eat are strawberries, blueberries and such. I cannot eat oranges or raisins. I can eat flour products but I feel like a lead weight after. I can only occasionally eat eggs and only if they are not overcooked and the taste is covered up with black pepper and/or marinara or homemade ketchup. I scour recipes for ideas of things I can eat. 🙂 My weight is hovering around 102 pounds right now but I dream of getting it up to at least 115.

    • Thanks for sharing Jackie about your health concerns and problems. It’s sad you can’t enjoy all the healthy foods.

      Since you can’t eat Bananas and oranges for your potassium, what other sources can you eat for this trace mineral? Can you take a supplement?

      Berries are great, they are my favorite. At least you do have some energy, and it shows from the excellent advice you right about at Parent Trap.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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