How to Make the Perfect Egg in One Minute

How to Make the Perfect Egg in One Minute

The best technique to make the perfect fried egg in one minute, and have a perfectly glazed over look starts with a medium warmed pan, and one tablespoon of butter a healthy fat, which gives your egg an exceptional flavor.

After the butter melts, crack the egg, and add one tablespoon of water. Right after adding the water, place a lid over the egg.

The lid should be smaller then the pan itself. Put your stove timer to one minute. After the timer goes off, slice your perfectly cooked egg on to a plate, and enjoy.

Eggs are a healthy fat, and have lots of protein to not only build muscle, but also provide you with energy throughout the morning.

Eating eggs is also a naturally good source of vitamin-D, though the egg doesn’t replace getting out in the sun for the all important vitamin-D for all over good health.

Recent studies by the USDA (2014) reported that eggs have 64% more vitamin-D than was previously thought. One large egg has 41 I.U. of the vitamin.

To get great skin and have youthful collagen, you need zinc, and what is found in eggs, protein and vitamin-D.

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Your best chance to long life and good health, is don’t skip breakfast ever.


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